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Cancer, Surgery, Radiation

I want to thank Tess at Hō’listik Mind & Body/Bio-Energetics. She is very knowledgeable and also a very caring person. The treatments at Hō’listik Mind & Body/Bio-Energetics are very noninvasive plus no shots and no pills!  About 2 and a half months ago I had ear surgery with a follow up of radiation. Because of NAET treatments I had no side effects. About 7 years ago my husband had surgery for his rectal cancer and 6 weeks of radiation after with no side effects at all because of NAET treatments he had done prior to his surgery. If you are interested in knowing more about the many conditions that can be helped please call Tess and I know she would be happy to give you information. Tess also carries some very special supplements that are not available in stores that have really helped us.

Jean M.

Allergies, Cancer, Pain

When beginning the NAET treatments with Tess Thompson at Hō’listik Mind & Body/Bio-Energetics I was near a basket case. I had multitude of allergies and an underlying cancer condition that made traditional medical therapies useless. I could not sleep in my own bed, nor take a shower without physical pain, nor drink tap water or eat a normal diet without having a reaction. Life was very bleak, indeed. With Tess’ treatments, I have overcome these illnesses and continue to improve. With Tess, you form a wellness alliance that depends on teamwork and communication. She listens to you, and her attention to detail is wonderful. Therefore, I happily recommend Tess and NAET to anyone that is serious about getting better.

Don C. Dayton, WA

Environmental Allergies, Food Allergies, Headaches

I was having non-stop headaches so I went to Hō’listik Mind & Body/Bio-Energetics to find out why. It turned out that I had an allergy to trees. I was treated for trees and my headaches were gone almost instantly. I was also having major stomach bloating every time I would eat or drink anything. Through muscle testing we were able to find out that it was caused by certain food allergies and emotional blockages toward food that I had. I was treated for them and I can eat anything without the bloating now! Hō’listik Mind & Body/Bio-Energetics has been a real blessing to me! It is nice to have the option of not living with allergies. I recommend it to my friends and family all the time because it has helped me so much

Haley M.

Acne, Teenage Hormones

I had suffered from acne for several years, trying every known treatment I could find. When someone told me about Hō’listik Mind & Body/Bio-Energetics I was very skeptical, but I was amazed at the immediate results! Not only did my acne clear up, but my typical teen age hormones evened out and found myself being a lot more confident. It’s really great knowing that I don’t have to live with allergies or health issues anymore!

Cale M.

Sun Allergy

I suffered from an allergy to the sun. After getting several treatments at Hō’listik Mind & Body/Bio-Energetics I had practically no symptoms!! It improved with time to the point that I had no problems at all! So Amazing! Thank you so so much to Tess Thompson and Hō’listik Mind & Body/Bio-Energetics staff!

Sheri D. Alvarado, Texas

Food Allergies, Vomiting

A few years ago, I started getting severe stomach pains and occasionally vomiting for no reason that we could find. It got so bad at one point that I had to quite college and come home. I saw various doctors but they had no answer for me. Eventually someone suggested that I get an allergy test. So I did. The blood test came back positive for a variety of different things like wheat, eggs, milk, garlic, oranges etc. The list totaled about 11 different things that had been included in my everyday diet. At first I just took it as I would never eat those foods again. I definitely started to feel better once I took these foods out of my diet but as anyone who is or has been allergic to just wheat or milk products, they know how difficult it can be eating out or just trying to cook for yourself. About a year after trying the restrictive diet, my mom suggested that we try Hō’listik Mind & Body/Bio-Energetics. A friend of mine and my grandma had both gone through a similar treatment that worked for them. I was still somewhat  skeptical of the whole thing and I didn’t want to waste more money on another doctor. Eventually I figured what would trying one treatment hurt anyways. So I set up the appointment and boy am I glad I did. Turns out my body wasn’t just rejecting those foods I listed earlier but vitamins and minerals as well. Little by little, I could see and feel a change. I can now eat all the foods I couldn’t before without any effects whatsoever. I would highly recommend this kind of treatment to anyone who would like to eat freely again.

Erika G. West Richland, WA

Seasonal Allergies, Allergy to Cats, Dogs and Horses

I had suffered from severe allergies. Seasonal allergies as well as allergies to cats, dogs and horses. I would get itchy, watery, swollen eyes. Itchy red skin. Trouble breathing. Sneezing and coughing. I was pretty much miserable before treatments at Hō’listik Mind & Body/Bio-Energetics. I wanted to alleviate my allergy to dogs so that we could get a puppy to complete our family. I came to Hō’listik Mind & Body/Bio-Energetics looking forward to getting treatments to treat my allergies to dogs and seasonal allergies. I know that the treatment was not like any other treatments but I believe in the holistic approach so I had a very positive outlook and expected positive results. To me it is all about the body, mind and spirit and this seemed like the perfect treatment for me. I was treated for grasses and some seasonal allergies and went out riding quads the next day and was not bothered at all. Typically when I would ride before I went for treatments I would end up sneezing and being miserable by the end of the day. Now I look forward to riding with my family. I was also treated for my dog allergies. Before treatment I could not spend more than a half hour at my parent’s house with their two dogs and two cats. Now I have my own puppy and have not been bothered at all by her. I would recommend Hō’listik Mind & Body/Bio-Energetics to anyone who suffers from allergies!

Becky S. Kennewick, WA

Cold/Flu, Food Allergies, Allergies, Hormone imbalances

Our whole family has been coming to Tess for NAET treatments for a few years now. It has been awesome to have a sickness or allergy of any kind leave as fast as they come. As a mom, I have had many times over the years (before Tess came into our lives) where one of my children was sick and just couldn’t get over it. Now we just take them into see Tess and she is able to find out through muscle testing, what exactly is causing the sickness or headache or skin breakout etc. Everything from egg allergies to hormonal problems has been treated and fixed so that we can then go on with our lives normally. It is so wonderful to be able to eat eggs or fruit within hours of treating the allergy. Regular medicine can find out what the body is allergic to and then tell you to stay away from it for the rest of your life. With NAET a few hours later you are done with the allergy! We have had too many awesome results to be able to list them all. We praise God for giving Tess the opportunity to learn and apply all that she has been taught both with NAET and Psych-K. We recommend Hō’listik Mind & Body/Bio-Energetics to everyone!

Heidi M.

Food Allergies, Thousands of Dollars in Testing

After over $2,000 of testing, revealing many allergies that had come upon me the results of the tests only mentioned that I avoided an incredible amount of foods, Vitamin B and Vitamin D but how could I avoid these without serious health problems? Every time I ate something I got rashes on both of my shins, cold soars that would not go away and very low energy. All of my symptoms started improving from the very first treatment and continued to improve more as we addressed each issue. I know have no more food allergies and my body no longer reacts adversely to Vitamin B and Vitamin D. I frequently refer people to Hō’listik Mind & Body/Bio-Energetics because they helped change my life.

Nathan M.

Food Allergies, Hypoglycemia, Sugar Cravings

I have always had issues with low blood sugar, sugar cravings and food allergies. When I started getting very bloated after everything I ate and had reflux symptoms I knew I have to do something. Doctors diagnosed me as hypoglycemic because I would crash when my blood sugar was low.  Since I first began my treatments at Hō’listik Mind & Body/Bio-Energetics, I have noticed almost immediate results. I no longer crash when my blood sugar is a little low, it stays regulated more as it should. I don’t bloat up after eating or have gastric reflux symptoms severely like I used to. I have way more energy and just feel amazing compared to before. And I don’t crave bad foods any longer!! Hō’listik Mind & Body/Bio-Energetics is absolutely the best! They have changed my life! I have never felt this great!

Lori A. Benton City, WA

Allergies, Sleep Apnea

My 4 year old son had sleep apnea as well as allergies and enlarged adenoids. He had big dark circles under his eyes from the lack of sleep and he had a stuffy nose during the day. After getting acupressure treatments at Hō’listik Mind & Body/Bio-Energetics he can breathe all day without a stuffy nose. He no longer stops breathing at night and doesn’t have any dark circles under his eyes anymore!

Josh T. Moses Lake, WA

Negative Emotions

I have a daughter who is 4 years old and was having difficulties taking authority from her dad. My husband travels a lot for work and I started to see a connection to her behavior and his returning from a business trip. After he would return home she would challenge any direction he would try to give her. It was becoming clear that this attitude of hers was coming from the anger she felt toward her dad for being gone. We took her to Hō’listik Mind & Body/Bio-Energetics and had her treated for certain negative emotions and she is doing much better now!


Seasonal Allergies

My 5 year old son had suffered from seasonal allergies for approximately 2 years. His symptoms included a stuffy nose and a persistent cough. After having him scratch tested it resulted in putting him on two separate prescriptions. The prescriptions helped relieve the symptoms by making him extremely drowsy. We were not pleased with the results, and decided to try Hō’listik Mind & Body/Bio-Energetics. After treating our son for the airborne substances we are pleased to report he is symptom free!


Acid Reflux, Food Allergies

I have an infant daughter who, at 1 week old, was diagnosed with acid reflux. After each feeding she suffered from stomachaches and vomiting, I hated seeing my baby in so much pain. After taking her to her pediatrician he gave us a prescription drug to help control the acid her body was producing, this showed no signs of giving her any relief from her pain and discomfort. On the recommendation from a family member I brought her into Hō’listik Mind & Body/Bio-Energetics. After we treated her for the individual milk proteins we have seen a great improvement in her disposition, she is a much happier baby!


Abdominal Pain, Vomiting, Food Allergies

I had constant abdominal pain primarily in the upper right quadrant. Increasing “attacks” of pain/abdominal cramps limited my ability to breathe and caused vomiting. After an exam by my personal physician, the conclusion was “possible need to surgically remove gallbladder and/or gall stones”. An expensive ultrasound and PTC exam were ordered. (My high health insurance deductible and high cost limits gave cause for thought.) Abdominal gas/bloating had been a problem for years, but the attacks of cramping began in June, 2008. My family and I had already begun basic allergy testing and treatment, so I was more tuned in to possible allergic reactions to various foods and substances. One day I had leftover spaghetti for lunch. My wife served the exact same meal later for supper but with white beans. I had a pain attack, and my allergy to beans was soon confirmed. I was treated for beans, and I have not had any more abdominal pain, cramping, or vomiting. I’m off all pain medication. I never had to have the ultrasound or PTC exam. My wallet is safe and my body sound, thanks to NAET!

Gerald R.


I was having bad hives that would itch and swell. They would happen almost every day and several times a day. I had a bad night where the hives were in my throat and closed up my throat. I knew I needed to find out what was causing it. I am so grateful to have found Hō’listik Mind & Body/Bio-Energetics! After several treatments the hives were greatly reduced and now I have not had any more problems with them!

Rashell B. Kennewick, WA

Bloating, Eczema, Food Allergies

I’ve had issues with stomachaches, bloating, eczema, and other skin problems most of my life. In 2010 blood tests showed I had many food allergies. I then needed to remove several food groups out of my diet. A friend referred me to Hō’listik Mind & Body/Bio-Energetics and I am able to enjoy food again without suffering from my previous symptoms!

Kathryn M. Wenatchee, WA

Colicky Baby, Food Allergies, Seasonal Allergies

I can’t say enough good about Tess and everyone at Hō’listik Mind & Body/Bio-Energetics. I decided to bring our three month old son to Tess after a family member recommended her. Since he was about 2 weeks old, he had become more and more colicky. He was almost constantly spitting up, had a rashy little body, awful diaper rash, was very gassy and cried continually. On top of that he had red, runny, goopy eyes. Poor little guy was miserable. Since I’m breastfeeding, I had eliminated dairy, eggs, and all supplements from my diet, and although it had helped some, he was still struggling.
On day one, Tess was able to diagnose many food allergies as well as some seasonal allergies. Each appointment has felt like Christmas, getting to go home with a happier baby. We started treatments a little over a week ago and we now have a happier, calmer baby. His rash has cleared and he no longer has a sore bum. I’ve been able to add all food and vitamins back to my diet without his discomfort returning. We love Tess!! The treatments couldn’t be easier or more pleasant. There is nothing invasive or uncomfortable about any of it.  I’ve already recommended Hō’listik Mind & Body/Bio-Energetics to several friends and family members.

Camila C. Richland, WA

Airborne Allergies, Nickel Allergy

I came into Hō’listik Mind & Body/Bio-Energetics for my allergies to grass, dust and nickel. I got one treatment for each allergen and now I can mow the lawn without reacting and I can wear my belt buckle without getting a rash! It really worked for me, if you have allergies no matter how bad give it a try!

Michael M. Boardman, OR

Dairy Allergy

In the last six months I have come down with a milk reaction that caused digestive problems. I was treated at Hō’listik Mind & Body/Bio-Energetics for dairy and no longer have a problem! The staff at Hō’listik Mind & Body/Bio-Energetics are very people friendly and I would recommend Hō’listik Mind & Body/Bio-Energetics to others!

Megan H. Kennewick, WA


I have had PMS for most of my life. There were times in my life it was worse than others, but suffice it to say, when I had PMS, I didn’t even want to be around me. I was moody, irritable, and very noise sensitive. Tess did a few different NAET treatments on me for Hormones and PMS and I am happy to report I no longer experience PMS symptoms. I believe this treatment alone is a miracle to any women with PMS and those who live with her!


Food Allergies, Stomach Cramps, Warts

For five to six years, my daughter was allergic to wheat, dairy, and eggs and experienced severe stomach cramps even when minute amounts were eaten. Prior to seeing Tess, my daughter had scratch tests as well as an allergy blood test. Tess treated her for Vitamin B, grains, dairy, and calcium, and now she can eat these foods without experiencing cramping and can enjoy the health benefits of a more well-rounded diet. Also, the multiple warts she had for five to six years vanished within a few weeks. Thanks so much, Tess!

Emily R.

Food Allergies, Environmental Allergies, Hormones

I had a long list of food allergies along with environmental allergies. These allergies were diagnosed with blood tests before I came to Hō’listik Mind & Body/Bio-Energetics. I have no idea how long I had them. I just knew they were getting worse, and I was losing my voice (my profession) on a weekly basis. My first treatment was for eggs. I had received NAET treatments for eggs from a different practitioner, and each time my symptoms came back. I was strongly encouraged to see Tess (I had no optimism), and since that one treatment, I have been having eggs with no reaction. I was treated for mold as well and had significant improvement in my living conditions. I was treated for hormones, and my OB/GYN was impressed with my improvement.

Sarah F.

Food Allergies, Vaginitis

Before coming to Hō’listik Mind & Body/Bio-Energetics, I was allergic to peanuts, almonds, vanilla, bananas, apples, and pineapple. I hadn’t received treatment for them; I just stayed away from those foods. I had been allergic to some of them for as along as twenty years. I was very skeptical of NAET at first and decided to try it out on our oldest daughter before doing anything to the rest of us. It worked for her, and so I decided to get treated myself. I no longer experience any shoulder pain due to being allergic to vanilla and bananas. Also, after I was treated for nuts, the vaginitis I had disappeared and hasn’t come back.

Heidi R.

Food Allergies, Canker Sores, Ear Infections

Our oldest daughter was on a restricted diet because of her food allergies. She was having constant canker sores and even reacting to vegetables with Vitamin C. She was diagnosed with these allergies when she was two years old, but we believe she’d had them since she was an infant. She was treated for Vitamin C, and the canker sores went away. She found she could eat an orange and not get a canker sore. She was then treated for nuts, dairy, and soy. Just a little dairy would set off an ear infection, but since she was treated, she’s had lots of dairy and not one ear infection. She ended up getting a canker sore over the holidays from mint. She had not had that treatment yet. We had her treated for canker sores, and the next day it was gone! Before treatments, she always had to bring her own food to birthday parties, potlucks, etc. She always felt excluded from everyone else. The fact that she could eat what everyone else was having was, for her, the best Christmas present ever!

Heidi R.

Food Allergies, Ear Infections, Canker Sores

Our youngest daughter was allergic to dairy, soy, and Vitamin C. She had constant ear infections caused by dairy products and bowel spasms and an inflamed rectum caused by soy. She would get canker sores from Vitamin C. She’d had these allergies since she was eleven months old. Since she was treated at Hō’listik Mind & Body/Bio-Energetics, she is able to eat dairy, soy, and Vitamin C and not have any reaction to them. Before, she had to be on a strict diet, because even one little bite of something with dairy in it would make her sick. Also, she is very happy to be able to eat oranges again without getting canker sores. What a delight it was to take our girls to Baskin-Robbins and tell them they could have any flavor they wanted for the first time in their lives and see the smiles on their faces!

Heidi R.